Friday, 10 August 2007


Last weekend was a good weekend. Marcin (aka Floorboy) took us down to the lake where his grandmother has left the family a tidy little house. We spent the first day sightseeing, looking at old ruins of castles, and the next day giving windsurfing ‘a go’. I bruised my ribs. And my hips. And didn’t manage to sail much at all. Kai Budd, on the other hand (a mate from uni and Ayesha’s brother), who came to stay with us for a couple of nights, was the only one in the entire group of beginners who set sail. We looked on with jealousy and disbelief. Marcin put it down to ‘aussie genes’. The board was suitably christened with a non-alcoholic champagne and named Fela. Hopefully we will make our way down to the lake again soon, so I can regain my dignity by wearing boardies over my swimmers so that my arse does not hang out. Such a mistake.

Marcin's uncle, Tukan, Paulina, Magda, Michal, Marcin -
having brekkie in the garden

Kai windsurfing

ruins of old castle

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