Monday, 27 August 2007

day trip

Over a week ago we went to Suchedniow to pick up Michal’s grandparents to take them back to Krakow for the day. Last time they were both in Krakow was in 1976 at Marek’s (Michal’s dad) graduation. It was a treat seeing them get so excited about the day trip. There was no complaining, no tsk tsking, no pains in the neck, no ‘lets go home soon’, no old people whining. It was great. They were happy to see the sites, eat my spicy pasta (Helena even asked to take some sauce home – fancy that! I got to put shit in a jar for someone else, so it could be reheated the very next day), they liked our apartment and appreciated both the Singer sewing machine and Michal’s new power saw. Pluses all round. The most entertaining moment was when they saw some break dancers in the town square. Helena stopped and stared and then exclaimed "oh my, these young men really are twisted". Noice.

It's nice to have grandparents who not only give you slippers and stewed apples, but who are also keen to see a bit beyond their front fence. I hope that I am as easygoing and enthusiastic as Helena and Mietek when I am their age. Or be like my babcia Zosia, who at the age of 70 still went camping with us, slept on a blow up mattress, and the only nanerish thing about her was keeping each individual piece of her clothing is separate plastic bags. The rustling would wake the whole camp ground in the morning.

Helena and Mietek

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