Sunday, 8 July 2007

tough old bird

Pictures below are of our plot. We spent last Saturday there cleaning it up a bit, tending to the oats (not really, it belongs to our neighbour Pani (Ms) Irenka) and planting some trees (birches, oaks and linden). Plus Michal got Pani Irenka on his side by showing her that he could indeed mow the shit out of the grass with a scythe. No pictures of our hardcore neighbour. Yet. I had one of her chained up dog, but that would have been too disturbing to show…

Pani Irenka is a tough old bird because:

  1. she has municipal water pipes coming into her property but hasn’t connected them to the house – she still uses a well.
  1. she uses an outside dunny (pit)
  1. when she caught the bus to go to the bank to check if the money for the land had gone in, she got it all out in cash (90 000 zloty), stuffed it into her handbag and then decided to walk across the fields (some 4km) back to her place. After dividing it up amongst her relos, I suspect the rest of the stash is under a mattress somewhere
  1. at the ripe age of 74 she still chops her own firewood. And yes, you guessed it, no gas heating.
(Wong doesn't think she's tough - instead views her as crazy. Maybe I'm just being too deluded).

this is our plot. It ends with the oats. The potatoes to your right
are part of the plot too. Gorce mountains in the background. Glimpses of the
Tatras behind the Gorce.

the oats is doing splendidly

Pani Irenka's house

Michal with scythe . Good workout for the boobs.

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