Sunday, 1 July 2007

He-Man and She-Ra shit pants

I rode my bike out of my way just to show you more hideous-but-love-it commy designs.

Check out Skelator (Szkieletor), a skyscraper built in Krakow in 1971 that was never completed due to financial issues. It towers over the city at 90m high with its 24 floors (still the highest building in the city – finished or otherwise). Appropriately the new Opera House is being built in its vicinity (unfortunately the new building does not carry a cartoon figure nickname to continue the tradition). Bums have been very happy at the Skelator residence until it got fenced off, due to obvious imminent death possibilities of the thing falling on your friggin’ head. Did I say bums? I meant useless dreaded ferals and their hash stashes. Now some ambitious Brits want to buy it. By the power of Grayskull – it is going for 4 million euro! When it finally resembles an actual and functional structure with office space, I hope a sufficient plaque with its unofficial name dons the entry way. Or a statute in the front garden! How cool would yellow Skelator with his hood look in front of the building? I’d bloody Ryan-Air it to see it, wouldn’t you?

My mother let me watch this, but refused me the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pleasure!?


Michael said...

I cannot believe that that piece of shit dates to 1971.

Anonymous said... 1971 we thought that the world opens up for us... the western world...

Anonymous said...

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