Tuesday, 17 July 2007

poster art

Leszek Zebrowski

So it took a Texan to tell me that Polish poster art is some of the best poster art in the world. Sarah even took me to a poster shop in Krakow where all these treasures are collected and are for sale. How embarrassing. The place has an excellent selection from various decades of different poster art movements and tops postcards as well. It is opposite the American Consulate and the shop is called Poster Gallery on ul. Stolarska. Now I get why there are always so many international poster exhibitions in town. Thanks to Sarah I have been looking at poster walls everywhere I go these days. And I must agree with her, that the current poster vibe is pretty shit. One is really pushed to find anything decent out there. These beauties below however show how great the posters can be. They advertise movies, theatre openings, operas etc. The propaganda ones are excellent too. Even if you're not a social-realist fan. Lucky for me, I am.

Stasys Eidrigevicius

Mieczyslaw Gorowski


liamski said...

I love socialist realism. I would be scared to see how much I would spend in that place.
I've been waiting years for that publisher Taschen to put out a poster book on (particularly) Russian examples - but they've not done so yet.

mischa said...

i was down at the film and sound archive in canberra last weekend and they also have a stash of polish film posters, particularly polish posters for australian films released over there (i was surprised any had been, or were thay directed at polish-australian audiences here?) anyway, they were cool.

Michael said...

Liam, until they do, try this:


It's very good.