Sunday, 25 March 2007


Finally saw some of the Krakow trendoids tonight. Given a lack of an obvious trendoid street in town, I have often wondered where they strut their stuff. So I managed to sneak in, with the help of Titka, into the annual fashion awards show in Nowa Huta. For those not in the know, Nowa Huta (New Steelworks) was a city erected in the 50s by the Commies. It was modelled on a utopian dream to have this amazingly industrial town close enough to be able to shit conveniently on Krakow, the intellectual and cultural centre of Poland. And shit it did. With years of acid rain and toxicity a plenty. It also brought in thousands of migrant workers from villages all around Poland to fuel the labour hungry machine and show Krakow that a good university and musical recitals where useless in the grand scheme of ‘productivity’! And now, surprise surprise, just like all leftover post-factory centres of the west, it has attracted the swarms of trendoids. I am just waiting for the first loft to pop up.

So after getting into the invite-only gala invite-less, not only did I manage to see that thick red-rimmed glasses are the new black Buddy Holly substitute, but also had an excellent opportunity to see some really cool designs. There was an obvious lack of pretension that I was anticipating. After I saw a few nannas sitting and admiring the designs of their grandkids, I didn’t mind so much to be wearing ill fitting jeans and unpolished Blunnies. And I liked the fact that you could buy a cream bun and an orange popper from a very non-designy looking woman at the intermission, whilst standing next to some fashion magazine editor hottie wearing the latest whatever. Once the official photos are up in tomorrow’s paper, I will steal them and put them into the blog for you to have a squeeze at.

And now I am off to bed. Michal was meant to arrive from Rome with his mum at midnight tonight. Unfortunately he made the mistake of buying a cheap Skyeurope ticket and their flight has been delayed until 6am tomorrow! See. Tightass tickets are not actually as good as I once dreamt about them being when living in Sydney. I used to think, “gee, ‘ain’t Europe grand – fly to any city for less than three cents return”. Well the bubble has burst on more than one occasion. I have come to learn that tightass flights are a ticket to hell, starvation, numb airport lounge butt cheeks, delayed passenger wrath and retard ground staff who know nothing (understandable as they are not re-compensated for dealing with aforementioned delayed passenger wrath). And what is worse you have no jetlag excuse to chuck a sickie.


Nosey in Newtown said...

Did you write about a fashion show just so you could send Elyse Sewell a link to your blog? :)

Justyna said...

hehehehehe. I so knew you were going to make a Sewell comment. I just knew it!!!