Friday, 30 March 2007

and the egg goes to...

Thank you to all those who participated in the egg limerick comp. Your year 7 English teachers would
have been proud. As stated in the previous post, the eggs are awarded to the first two entries. And
so it is with great pleasure to present Liam and Hugh with this folky Ukrainian Easter decoration.
Enjoy boys!
Ps. Hugh sent me his limericks directly to my email account, due to having problems with the
‘comments’ icon. Maybe this is a valid cause for disqualification, but I am a soft... egg.
I have posted his limerick entry for him in the comments section. 


Justyna said...

Hugh's limerick:

There once was an egg from Krakow
that noone could take it's shell off.
"You cannot crack me,
my Polish will prevents thee!"
It cried as it downed some Smirnoff.

liamski said...

Flattered as I am - I donate my egg to Michael for his much more creative ditty. The prize wouldn't make it thru oz customs anyway!

Michael said...

Liam, don't be so self-effacing — othwise Justyna is going to have to insert a clause in future contests: 'The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.'

edd said...

more on the easter egg front, this week's good living in the herald has some top pics of polish eggs on the front cover and allegedly some lady will be selling them at the mosman markets this weekend - justyna, let's go into business! you send 'em, i'll sell 'em!