Monday, 26 March 2007

red stocking alert

So I browsed the paper and there weren’t many fashion pics to steal. I only liked the one. See below. The designer is Elwira Horosz (starting out, yadda yadda not much yet in the way of fame – but maybe the fashion houses of Milan will one day be kind to her). In addition I have attached pictures of the local Krakovians donning the latest. Stockings that is.

photo by Krzysztof Karolczyk

photo by Michal

Tukan and Titka. The red stocking idea is all hers.


Michael said...

I'm thinking of going to Milan for a fortnight in the second half of April. Just have Ms Horosz send me samples of her work and I'll hawk them to the buyers and around the major houses.

Or I may cut them up and wrap myself in them because Europe is so fucking cold!

Justyna said...

long johns michael, bloody long johns. white ones. hip hugging long johns.