Sunday, 3 June 2007

skinny paris

Thank you to all who sent me the Teletubbies update regarding Poland’s continuous fear of effeminate men carrying women’s purses. For those who don’t know, Poland’s right wing coalition party the Legion of Polish Families (LPR) wants to ban the Teletubbies from public broadcasting in the country, as it appears that Tinky Winky might be gay. In the show he is seen wandering around the meadows with a lady’s purse. Funny that. Poland does not seem to have any issues with the man bag number carried by moustached men in moccasins. Now this indeed should be a topic of concern! I have an uncle who fits the above description and he’s never been a victim of gay hate. Maybe Tinky Winky needs a biker moustache and Ukrainian gold teeth to make him look more hetero. But this LPR reaction must be put into some perspective. This is a party, after all, that only four or so months ago, wanted to establish Jesus as the King of Poland. Ah huh.

Apologies for the lack of photos but it appears that I have forgotten my camera/laptop cord thingy required for downloading. Shame. Two nights ago Michal and I were invited by a lovely Parisian girl, Fethia, whom we met at the tennis, to a trendoid pub in Bastille. The smoke was gruesome and the beer mild. The blasé nonchalant crowd of emo carbon copy cut-outs was impressive. All that was missing were the trucker hats. A subtle difference, no doubt, not to be mistaken for - god forbid, American layabouts. Visual? A super skinny waif guy, with black skinny jeans hugging his non existent hips, unshaven and loving it, faded small t-shirt, trainers, and a swooping fringe covering half his face. They all looked exactly the same. Michal with his well equipped ass was a circus freak standing amidst them all, as he desperately tried to squeeze his way to the bar for another pitcher of the said mild beer.

And because we’re all adults...

Michal walks into a tobacconist:

“Pardon monsieur, parlez vous anglaise?”

Tobacconist shakes his head and laughs.

Michal unperturbed: “Le kondom?”

Tobacconist: “Huh?” (raises his eyebrows)

Michal: “Le preservative?”

Tobacconist: “oui oui!!” (roars with laughter – as does the other man waiting in the queue)

Tobacconist: “oui oui préservatif, le préservatif!!”


Michael said...

1. I have a man-bag AND a purse. Maybe I should get the fuck out of Poland.

2. There is a town in France called Condom. I'm sure the only thing sustaining its economy is idiot tourists stopping to photograph themselves at the town limits.

Anonymous said...

FYI trucker hats are not trendy anymore Jazz.