Friday, 15 June 2007

holiday pacing

Michael Wong is still at our place and it turns out he’s a pretty goddamn good house guest. Example, on Monday he washed all the windows. When we were away he replanted all my basil. He cooks really good curries and entertains us with his online purchases. The ladies at the post office where he goes to pick up his ordered goods have started to write in English on the post slips left in our mail box. The last one indicated that a ‘smal paket’ was ready to be picked up. It turned out to be snuff. Around 15 tins of it. The boys have been sniffing snuff each evening after supper, and from what I can gather the “Prime Minister” flavour is their favourite. No wonder the era of snuff has ended - it's not really appealing watching someone stick fingers up their nose and suck in brown looking shit that leaves crap residue on the sniffer's face. Michael argues that they used special sniffing picks back in the day. I say he should roll up a fiver instead.

We are all going for a spot of one night camping tonight (for a bonfired sausage) and tomorrow to Michal’s parents’ place in Suchedniow. Apparently the mushrooms have made an early appearance and people are starting to get excited.

basil patch

Wong with a cereal bowl used as a coffee mug. He must
really burn his mittens.

Today's curry. Yummo.

Wong's snuff stash.


Wong said...

The bowl-as-cup is pure barbarism; the snuff-taking isn't glamorous.

I'm not sure how I live with myself.

Jeff said...

Hi Justyna

Good to see your escape from Australia isn't all doom and gloom. Holidays in Paris, Wong-cooked meals etc. Here, I watch the slow transformation of your former front yard into the Great Wall of Oakhurst. Winter is here and so is some relief from the drought aka a flooding backyard.

I'm overdue in reading your blog. Best wishes to all.

edd said...

why is the snuff only for the boys? or, is it un-ladylike to sniff the snuff? does one in fact sniff snuff or snuff snuff? (please tell me you snuff snuff, that's far more amusing!)

Justyna said...

Snuff not only for boys. I tried it. A couple of times. The watering eyes, the burning throat and the sneezing just wasn't my thing though.