Tuesday, 12 June 2007



As stated before, whilst in Paris we met some tops Frenchies. Fethia, a tv production assistant from Paris and Yann, a sound engineer from Nancy were our faves amongst the people we met. We had a whole weekend we wanted to spend away from Paris and they suggested we head up to Honfleur, a port town north-west of Paris taken over by artists, their galleries and tourists from England. It actually was lovely. Went to beach but didn’t swim in it (see picture), ate some crepes (average) and wondered the streets (excellent). We also met the owner of an early 20th Century carousel, in operation, it the middle of the town. He was Polish. How the hell does a Polish wog come to France in the mid 90s, end up in Honfleur and becomes a carousel owner? Did he bring the carousel with him? Did he find it in the French yellow pages? Did he get a good deal?

“What do you do, sir?”

“Oh, I am the local carousel owner. I bring joy to the youngsters.”

His wife sits in the booth and sells the tickets. It is in operation all year round.



old Citroen

the carousel

the beach - the industrial cranes in the backdrop
did not entice us to take a dip


Karen said...

the weird angles of the citroen coupled with the weird angles of the house make for a splendid pic.

Joanna said...

Honfleur - lovely! I remember summer 2000. Normandie. Excellent wines and calvados. Trouvill and Villerville - richemans holiday place. Quite surrealistic. 60 years old men in white panama hat and 30 years old wife. White, very expensive dress. And two children running two steps ahead. The boy and the girl off cours. Allso whole white...

Michael said...

I want to be that Carousel man.

Nosey in Newtown said...

I love how Yann looks like Stereotypical French Man.

Michael: I love that you're leaving comments on Justyna's blog even though you're actually living in the same house.

Malunini said...

Fethia and Michal look like they enjoyed a little(read LOTSA) wine...

Anonymous said...

Ohh god... only u justysia can make me laugh at 4:44 am loud enough to keep cheery till i fall asleep... god the french Carousel man and the subsequent diolouge... makes baby jesus smile