Tuesday, 12 June 2007

federer you ninny!

We were there for the quarters, we were there for the semis. Unfortunately the men’s final (and only one set of it) was seen at the airport lounge at Charles de Gaulle. I had high hopes. I had thumbs crossed. I thought the champ wouldn’t disappoint a second year round, especially against such a bafoon as is Nadal. Nadal obviously takes it up his vein. No one can be that huge, that young, that fast and that slow witted and claim not to be doped up. Impossible. His left forearm is as huge as Serena William’s thigh for chrsissake! Besides, he has that stupid Terminator look released from under his brow every time an opponent wins a point, which I hate. He does it to intimidate – but ends up looking like a fuck stick, as the ‘look’ is closely followed by Nadal’s forefinger reaching his ass and plucking out his wedgy from his crack. Yeah, you look heaps scary now…man. So I was rooting for Federer. He bloody lost. What a grass court ninny. The pictures are from the quarters against Robredo, a right Spanish hottie.

Federer serving an ace

Robredo loosing big time


Karen said...

still love you federer bb xo

Michael said...

Not Federer's year! Again. Again.

He should retire and milk that cow they gave him at Wimbledon.

Nosey in Newtown said...

Roger Federer is my most favourite man in all the world. You should have thrown your undies at him.