Tuesday, 1 May 2007

plenty of blogging time now

Back home from the Big Smoke and excited to see Krakow green and warm. I left when it was dreary with no leaves in sight. It is truly amazing how quickly greenery sprouts from buds on branches. The green at the moment is almost fluro. Judging from my reaction last year, I know that May will again be my favourite month. I have spent the last few days donning summer dresses and riding my bike. Unfortunately where we live now, there are hills, which seem more like mountains to my Ukrainian gear-less treasure. I am battling on, looking forward to calves of steel. Also the roof of our apartment block has proved to be a source of joy. It is flat enough to lie on and I have been making trips up there for a spot of sunbathing. Do not scoff. European winter white dermis is disgusting. Besides, there’s no ozone hole. Yet. As much as I enjoyed New York (thank you Jules for being my super cyber guide and NYC companion in spirit!), as soon as I got back Michal and I hit the mountains. There was still snow at the top of Babia Gora (Old Hag Mountain) and it was nice to breathe air not infested by the putrid smell of surprisingly tasty Yankee hot dogs (throughout the week I consumed about 4).

trying out my new boots. no blisters. ugly but noice.

Sunday was spent in a small town called Wislica. There is nothing there but for a 13th Century church and some sculptures of saints, queens and kings carved out of trees that nannas like to visit and pray at. We just ate ice cream and watched the nannas.

michal, tukan, titka, mat

the original handicap mobile. you don't even need legs!
cooler than any vespa

After arriving from the States on the Monday, I went to work on the Tuesday and handed in my official resignation. Work at the firm has bothered me for a long time and I have whined about it for months. The trip was the clincher. Maybe it was the only place where I experienced the clashing of the cultures on a complete scale whilst in Poland. Or maybe private practice sucks fat balls. So now I am unemployed and being financially supported by the hubby. It is not doing wonders to my ego but I am thankful to Michal that I could leave without having to wait until ‘something else’ came up.


Anonymous said...

congratulations. there is nothing better than quitting a stupid job that you hate. you told me once "go with the gut". it works. i am now doing good things in a good place.
and if all else fails you can dress up as an estonian and get some cash handouts from st michal.


edd said...

can i please borrow your balls to end my own work agony?!? ta!

Michael said...

Ah, sweet unemployment! I was once officially a member of the 'long-term unemployed'.

In other words, I was a wretched, dole-bludging bastard. I'm sure I haven't repaid the debt to Australian taxpayers yet, either.

Stynky, now that you are a bum, may I suggest a mutually beneficial scheme in which I shall have books and CDs I wish to use during my Polish stay mailed to your address. You can read or listen to them while farting about on your Polish posterior, and I can collect them once I reach your great city.

This is clearly a brilliant plan. Please endorse it.

Justyna said...

go ahead mike, my burning equipment is ready and waiting. i believe you have my address (thanks for the card!).

Karen said...

pretty church, eating ice cream seems like the correct thing to do