Sunday, 27 May 2007


Sometimes I think I have too much luck in life. I’m happy, got a good dude, got my health, parents that I actually get on with as individuals, brilliant cousins and friends to the grave etc. Ok, I don’t have a career as such, but things are somehow working themselves out and money is not an issue. This makes me wonder when my luck will end. Maybe the result will be a downy baby. But right now things are ace. Literally. Michal and I are in Paris and are hanging out at the French Open. Yup. Friends in high places and all that. My good mate Joanna organised it for us, so we have been rubbing shoulders with the ultimate hottie in town – Safin. Should see his sister – massive Russian scare freak. Michal got time off work because he has excellent bosses and Wogus, well, lets just say there is no huge client portfolio yet. Wong is sitting in our apartment, replanting basil leaves and eating Polish sausages.

Did you know that Serena Williams in her weight/ height portfolio has put down the following: height – 175cm, weight – 61kg. Hm, I thought carriage horses weighed a lot more than that. In fact when I was reading all the player portfolios, the women tend to weigh a lot less the higher they climb. How sad.


edd said...

can we have some photos from paris please?

Karen said...

I sometimes feel the same. Like the shit's going to hit the fan eventually.