Tuesday, 10 April 2007

visiting the jaskies

Easter in Debno? Swell thanks! We had a great time hanging with the Jaskies. The house is tops, my mum looks happier and my dad is busy distilling various spirits and smoking meat. The eggs were blessed and eaten on Sunday. My dad has gone a tad mental in collecting old shit for the house. Examples include the 120 year old timber logs for the pergola (taken from an ancient barn in Dobra, courtesy of Karolina’s uncle), a tiny rustic looking window for the bbq area, old rocks and stones collected from various villages to restore the cobble stone effect in the driveway. I especially like the water pump and the well – it is still in operation and will be used to water the garden.

When the collecting first commenced the locals thought my dad to be a bit bonkers. People tend to favour the new and the shiny there. Little by little though his conviction for the old is starting to bring about a few nods and praises here and there. The local baker has started to hang fresh bread and rolls on my parents’ fence each morning, whilst the young carpenter that works on the house brings them fresh ham from home to smoke in the new bbq/smokehouse.

the pump
wee window

smokin' it up

we returned with cherry juice (yummo), pickled apples, and strawberry jam,
all courtesy of my babcia


edd said...

very glad to see you have included some pics of the culinary delights! and your folks are looking tops too!

Justyna said...

sorry there weren't any pics of golabki or mushies - but i kind of forgot to take any. maybe by christmas i'll do a dish spread!

Michael said...

Justyna, I am being eaten alive by envy.

There is an antidote: your father's charcuterie.

Justyna said...

Well, when you come this way I will make sure there is some fresh smoked produce for you all the way from Debno.

ali said...

Cherry juice is the most amazing thing ever!!!!! I have been buying it in crateloads from the turkish shop down my road.

Good to see the pezzies are doing well