Saturday, 14 April 2007

fun days ahead

The tough homosexuals are being put to work again in Krakow. Looks like next weekend they will be holding a "culture of toleration" festival not only to convince the skinheads and Christian fundamental freaks that they are part of Krakow, but to educate the average Pole that no, the country does not hold a 100 per cent hetero rate. It would all be fine and seemingly normal if it wasn't for the fact that the All Polish Youth, an extremist right nationalist youth group (licking the balls of the League of Polish Family Party - currently part of the ruling coalition) - with a huge Catholic national ideology - is scheduling to host a counterattack march on the same weekend. Last time one was held in Krakow, it was pandemonium. Michal attended in support of the peaceful march of the gays and lesbians and witnessed how the Polish Jugend skins broke in and began to cause havoc. This time the Jugend kids are promising it will all be peaceful and non-violent. Doubt it. But what is interesting is the official poster war that is happening across the city. Free speech still exists and there is no talk of minority group rule. Yet.

Festival for cultural toleration. March with us on the 19th of April 2007

Stop propagating homosexuals in Krakow. Stop sexual deviation
And then various paragraphs about the sin of sodomy and whether we want that to be a symbol of Krakow, homosexual excess, impudent homosexual manifestations etc etc.

Now I am off to bed. Tomorrow I fly to New York. Work is sending me there for one week. Meeting clients. Whatever. I'm just peeing in excitement to be going to the Big Apple!! Never been. Will take the laptop and try to post some pics.

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