Monday, 23 April 2007

murray and the madman

saw the filming of sesame street in washington square.
apparently that's murray

I’m not sure what you have been hearing about the Virginia Tech Massacre in your respective homes, but you can well imagine the Cho bombardment in the media here. Now, you’d think there would be plenty of gun law issues being raised at this time and possible calls for stringent gun control. Well, you’d be wrong. What has been typical is the debate about ‘the system’ and whether the mental institutions did enough, whether the police did enough, whether the university did enough in dealing with a student who had obvious psychological issues. No one yet has talked about the fact that clearly the American society is incapable of social interrelations and face to face communication. The parents spring to mind, as do the two bloody dip shit roommates who lived with the psycho plus all the idiot students who failed to deal with the problem like normal people do! Sheesh.

On a brighter note today I took the advice of Liam and hung out in Washington Square in Greenwich Village. I loved it. Especially the dog runs (special fenced in areas, not dissimilar to kids play pens, where owners let their puppies run around together, chase, attempt to hump, and play before the owners return them to their handbags and carry home ala Hilton). Watching the mutts was hilarious. Not as hilarious though as the proud owners sitting and pretending they were watching their grandkids. The dog culture is astounding in NYC as it exemplifies the dog as the ultimate accessory. It was also sausage dog day hence the trendoids came out with their elongated pooches.

my fave was the ultra hot lassie
in the blue number

The day was also spent on errands. I scoffed a cupcake for Jodie from the Magnolia Bakery (nice but too much icing) on Bleecker Street and had a slice of floppy pizza for Marta. This stuff was the food of every American telly teenage slumber party with Marta and I watching in envy holding our own sad stiff excuses from Pizza Hut, dreaming of the time when we too could sink our teeth into the ultimate pizza flop. The dream burst today, resulting in a monthly intake of oily cheese on the one slice.

the upper roof of my mouth was left scratchy

tasty but half the icing was removed with my index finger


edd said...

tabs and i can both contest that o'dea reserve just does not compare to that fab-o doggie play pen (at least in terms of socialites), although the lack of grass seems a bit of a shame. and i must remember to put a funky shirt on buster next time, what an oversight!
way jealous you got to watch sesame street being made! hope you got an autograph!

Lao Huang said...

haha, I took a photo of dogs humping in the washington sqare park too :) Also saw a 'dog social' held on the sidewalk where pampered pooches got together to be fed icecream out of pink plastic bowls!

Marta said...

the pizza is just like on tv :) looks excellent. thanks for having the slice for me. wish i had been there to share the moment...

Michael said...

Pizza here is floppy. Very hard to eat, esp. when cut into quarters! Massive! I tried to eat a slice at a bus stop in Bologna and was acutely aware of passers-by staring and wondering, 'Who is that disgusting little man?'

And, well, to be looked down on by an Italian is just the final insult, isn't it?

ali said...

the icing is the best bit!