Wednesday, 18 April 2007

lot flight

Sitting on the Lot ("Flight") flight. Have one spare seat next to me, which means I can spread my limbs somewhat and attempt to have a nap. Nice. I have now drunken two bottles of wine (Spanish. The only Polish branded flight food has been the butter - very good), eaten a shithouse chicken pasta, avoided thinking about the artificial components of my meal and have been entertained by the self proclaimed chatterbox babcia sitting one seat away from me. She's tops, about 70 and visiting her grandsons. It's her fourth trip to NYC. Last time she took over bottles of vodka and Polish Eagle t-shirts. This time she is taking bottles of vodka and registration number plates for her grandson Greg who is an avid collector. They're brand new too. Not rusty crappy ones like expected. She thinks Washington DC is a pile of uninteresting rubbish and the White House not as good as the Polish Presidential Palace (??). Apparently the Cathedral in NY is not worth seeing although there is a Holy Mary painting hung by a Polish painter. Hmm. Will I make a trip to see it? Doubt it. Apart from Manhattan the rest of New York is like Poland, i.e. three storey houses and gardens. And here I was thinking that was only the case of the Sydney western suburbs minus the three storey bit. She’s going to a christening of her great grand kid and staying on for two months, but isn’t all that worried because she has excellent neighbours who will water her plants and pick up her pension cheque from the post office. The in-flight movie is the Ben Stiller Night at the Museum one. There are no individual video screens and the passengers have to put up with the old communal system of one screen at the end of the alley. I will not be able to see shit. Doesn't matter. Apparently the only valid element in a Lot flight is the availability of grog. No shit. I can slowly see the passengers getting happy and relaxed. They must do with wine, whiskey and beer though. Vodka has long been banned, but the tomato juice remains.

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