Monday, 22 October 2007

last of the apples

view from our window on Saturday morning

złota polska jesień - the golden Polish autumn - and when you leave the city your realise just how true the statement is! It is absolutely beautiful out there at the moment. The trees have taken on about a zillion different shades of yellows, oranges and reds.

Woke up on Saturday to find that our street was covered in snow. Ah, the first snow fall of October. Apparently it is the norm. The snow then melts, and the sunny disposition of autumn returns. I’m not counting on it. Day by day it is getting harrowingly colder. What is worse veggies are becoming more expensive and the selection more disappointing. Root vegetables are in at the moment. There is not that much one can do with a celery root. Wish sweet potatoes were more available.

last of the apples

celery root - my mum always had a tough time finding this veg in Sydney - it's boiled in soups here or shredded into a salad
overrated in my opinion

last of the sunflowers too - we have about a kilo of seeds from Matylda -
lots of nibbling for those cold winter nights


soup is massive here - MASSIVE -
and these little 'convenient' soup parcels make me smile (NO PLASTIC!! - well minus the rubber band)

kohlrabi (kalarepa)
delicious when cut up into sticks and eaten with yoghurt and garlic dip

pretty coloured plums -
they grow on many trees just outside of Krakow so no need to waste your money.
It's tops going walkies and picking them off as you go along.
Got to be careful though - plenty of maggots (but therefore no pesticides)!

Also, bears are having it tough up in the mountains. A young cub who had left its mother’s side wasn’t prepared for the cold and snowy conditions, so was wandering the walking tracks looking for sandwiches left abandoned by tourists. It stumbled on a group of 6 dickheads who, apparently in self-defence, stoned the bear to death and then threw its body in a stream. Rangers found the dead bear and a quick arrest was made, once the dickheads were located. The 6 claimed the bear was attacking them. No scratch marks or bites were found upon medical examination. The bear might have roared, but it did not lunge. It was small enough to have been chased away with some yelling and a shaking of a stick. Charges have been laid. The dickheads if convicted are facing a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment. Lucky bastards. They should be facing a tidy lil’ stoning.

the poor dead bear - photo:

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Anonymous said...

celery root = celeriac

you can get it now in sydney. and the swanky restaurants turn it in to yummy stuff. but very silly that you have to go to swanky restaurants to eat a polish staple!

the nuts looked good