Thursday, 18 October 2007

last in before the silence

The election silence kicks in tomorrow. I am positive. Despite the smear campaign inflicted by PiS, I have this gut feeling that the Poles are fed up with being fed horseshit, and are actually going to appear in huge numbers at the ballot box. The electoral commission has put out a few hilarious ads to encourage the voters (yes, for those unaware, Poland as a democracy rightly does not make voting compulsory). One of my faves is: “Don’t be a dope. Go on and vote!” (Nie bądź durny, idź do urny!). There is also a good one that uses a satirical rip off of an Ikea ad. It shows a sketch (like the graphics of an Ikea assembly manual) of the parliamentary seats being put together as votes are cast with a voiceover “if you want to change the country, you have to do it yourself”. Civic responsibility is also being talked about quite a lot, which is nice because it makes me feel all warm inside and optimistic about the fact that I am living in a very wonderful and exciting country, in which people react when they are pushed far enough.

Analysts are predicting a 60 per cent turnout or a tad less…

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