Thursday, 11 October 2007

this is where i am living

Early parliamentary elections have been called in Poland and we are all (well, probably less than half the population) going to vote next weekend. The election campaign has been a mixture of embarrassment, cringe and devastation. Nonetheless I am hopeful that Poland will only have the one twin in power by the time this circus ends.

Favourite quotes this week

When asked about their environmental agendas this is what some of the parties had to say:

PSL (Peasant Party)

“Please do not bother me with questions of this nature. I really am busy with the election campaign”

SLD (the former commy party)

“Oh yes, nature. I have always been interested in nature. I used to go to the meadows and the forest often when I was a boy. If SLD gets into parliament we will encourage a healthy lifestyle so that boys can take their girls out to the meadows and not out for chips”.

LPR (League of Polish Families)

“Come on! The only reason western politicians talk about the environment is because it is in fashion right now. They don’t have any bigger problems to deal with. We at least have pro family politics!”


I’m joining the Greens (who are useless at the present moment).

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Damien Moran said...

Yeah, the Greens sold out in Ireland and went into power with the pro Iraq war party.

They are supporting the U.S. missile defence system proposal in the Czech Republic.

They have endorsed German troops being in Afghanistan.

And they're fairly non-existent here.

But don't despair. Cynicism is the 5th column of the establishment;)