Monday, 3 December 2007

birthday weekend

Justyna: Where are we going?

Michal: I’m not telling you.

J: C’mon give us a clue.

M: It’s in Poland.

J: And?

M: And that’s it.

J: Will I like it?

M: Not sure. I know your mum would love it.

J: Do I take my backpack?

M: Nope, your wheely suitcase.

J: What do I need to take?

M: Your Blunnies. But also a dress and some heels.

J: Is it posh?

M: Nah.

the castle poshness in paszkowka - some 30ks south of krakow

castle blunnie poshness

castle bannister poshness

back of castle poshness

castle departure poshness

chamber poshness

I have never stayed in a castle before. It is rad staying in a castle. Thank you Michu for taking me to a castle.

Also wanted to say a huge and wonderful thank you to all who thought of me on the day, sending me excellent wishes, emails, smses, cards, phone calls and gifts! It was a truly tops birthday!


Anonymous said...

If staying in a castle is not posh - what is?
What are blunnies? I would love to see your dress...
Ulanska fantazja - jak pieknie! Bravo Michal!
100 lat Justyna! Dana

justyna said...

Blunnies, i.e. Blundstones (the plumber shoes - see the 'sitting on chairs' picture), or as my mum calls them - "horse shoes".

So sorry, but we didn't take any pics at the dinner. No photo of dress.

Nosey said...

You fit right in as lady of manor. Especially in that shot of you on the stairs.

Good on Michal! What a husband, eh? He better start plans for your 30th...